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The proprietary software seems to have taken over to the extent that the debate too in non-existent. The demand and supply, the principle of capitalism does not seem to work, nor does the pricing logic. What we profess we don’t practice, otherwise open source softwares would have become ultimate tool of progress in an age driven by software. Innovation and creativity would be in every backyard. What has happened is exactly the opposite, we have gotten embroiled in one proprietary software after the other, in a mess out of which, you can’t rescue yourself.

Think of situation we get embroiled on the daily, instead of the software aligning to our requirements, we have to align to the dictates of the software. If you were to customise all the softwares you use, what would it have delivered to you and your company? If you were to maintain your software, what comfort would you have derived out of it? The enterprise would have then got the real feet in the digital world. The crutches were provided to us and we latched on it.

The internet has been a product of open source till it finally huge IT behemoths made a commerce out of it. What is the total licensing fee the world pays for these so to say virtual licences? Added to that softwares losing is core value if it expires The support. Literally proprietary software have become the lifeline of your business and you have to maintain it. Today, maintaining the software and concomitant licensing, support et al has become the primary concern of every company, otherwise the business does not run. The data going somewhere else is another story.

Ease they provided in the beginning made everybody fall for it. Effortless comfort we get wedded to, that is it strikes back with a huge price. By that time, we have lost the the strength and purpose to fight back. All benefits of open source software; security, affordability, transparency, perpetuity, interoperability, flexibility and localisation did not come to its rescue. All these are basic tenets of the Open Source Way. It’s fighting a losing battle.


Sanjay Sahay

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