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We all believe in unison that as days pass in the professional life, whatever be the profession, we improve in our expertise. The world has also be believing this story. The generally presumptive corollary of years on the job, increase in expertise and the concomitant salary has become more of natural law. But the connect should be true, productive and deliverable for the last to happen; the increase in salary, perks, privileges, respect and impact. It has long been settled that age, experience and maturity are not coterminous it have in any manner with varied impacts. The same for expertise.

When expertise increases quality and precision improves considerably and even more importantly the time to produce the deliverable out of that expertise gets cut down sharply. Have you improved in your time, quality and precision in writing a detailed project report or a RFP?* How much of an improvement during what course of time / expertise? What would more interesting to see the shortening of time on account of expertise for project execution? Project execution has been the nadir for all? Has increase in expertise happened? We need to map every professional on an objective and empirical matrix. The lie needs to nailed.

When the 13 years olds are writing codes and finding solutions, any comment on expertise being anybody’s prerogative can be the most mismatched statement of our times. The earlier we get off it, the better it is. While Satoshi Nakamoto created blockchain and left it without a fee in the public domain the world is struggling for the best and extensive uses for it may its individuals, companies or governments. Does the increase in expertise even cumulatively not provide solutions to adoption, adaption and customisation of technology?

While we pay a price for the increase in expertise there is no empirical evidence to prove the same. Leave high end skills / expertise, even the language, written and oral has not improved, so there is little chance of improvement in the communication skills. Being in business, the less said about the presentation skills, the ppts and even flimsy publicity material is prepared centrally for a huge sum. When years take care, who is bothered about expertise?


Sanjay Sahay

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