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Just take a call as to how many wrote before the onset of the Social Media Age. It seems we are fully engulfed by it today. There was no need to write, people with the caliber and worth were invited to write and speak for us in different mediums. Rest of us all consumers. Might be there was no need to write. In small forums certainly we exchanged views and that was the end of it. Debates too happened starting and ending in one session mainly. The social platform was limited and so was its transitory nature.

Social media threw up a social platform; instantaneous, global, 24/7, repository to posterity, multimedia and groups of variety of sizes and combinations. This was the democratic medium where everybody could express without any editing directly to the audience. Events, personal movements to videos to documents everything became shareable. Of the vast majority who did share anything earlier had nothing much to share. Now issues of even global nature or anything highlighted by media / social media, everybody became busy commenting on, mostly its the same comment in variety of words and phrases of common usage.

Nothing to share but sharing /publicity platform is in place and there’s a inner urge not to be left out. And also make a mark in every group every time, may be through a good morning picture or an interesting pic / article forwarded. This is the social predicament where our society is stuck up. Mostly people you had not participated in any dialogue earlier. Even the deaths of the big and mighty is now condoled by all of us, duly registering it on the social medium. The self created demands are huge.

The demand on time is thus unending; no fixed timing, anytime, anywhere and every time. Nothing to offer, yet can’t keep out. With 95% of the emails having no business purpose, sense or value, how many of the social media posts and comments would be of any value. Even the most successful would appear in the regular media with the adjectives; viral or troll and that’s the end of it’s existence. With social media becoming our main medium of life; paradoxical, ephemeral, filtered and converged in a Social Media Bubble.


Sanjay Sahay

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