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While the shrill of left or right or far left or far right will keep on increasing, the delivery, stature, prosperity, sustainability of enterprises and of nations would be decided by innovation and creativity invested to create products and making it commercial for the benefit of mankind. Patents would remain remain the most critical indicator of our progress as it have been for at least a few decades now. The countries which leads the patents race, are the countries which lead the world. The international trends of patents would confirm what we generally believe.

While the companies are in the race for patents for the innovative breakthroughs, actually in the process country get patented. Patents provide a stamp of authenticity to the country. A Patented Country is one among the top ones filing for patents and /or where the culture of patents is picking up. The country as a whole realises the role of patents in the well being of the country. How it translates into economic activity, which at times may be exponential or create few companies with this buoyant culture, can be be game changer. Few such companies can elevate the nation.

The general belief and connection regarding innovation, research & development, international patents, high end economic activity and prosperity gets confirmed by the figures of 2018. US tops the list of top ten countries who filed most international patent applications in 2018 with 55,981 applications, followed by China with 53,340, Japan with 49,703, Germany with 19,750 and Republic of Korea coming fifth with 17,017. Netherlands with 4,138 in last in this list of ten. Does it not manifest the economic reality of the day?

The connect between research and development, company spend and the country leading, is simple and straight. The maximum spend on R&D is by Amazon ($22.6 billon), followed by Alphabet ($16.2%), Volkswagen ($15.8 billion), Samsung ($15.3 billon) and Intel ($13.1 billion). Siemens is last on the list of twenty. Most innovative companies in the world by number of patents grants claimed in the US in 2018 are IBM-9,100, Samsung Electronics-5,850, Canon, Intel, LG etc. Patents reflect the futuristic reality.


Sanjay Sahay

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