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The debate between domain and technology would continue for quite sometime in the same manner as hard been between specialist and generalist. The beauty of this debate is that that it barely looks into the fact that when a technology application becomes mainstream or routine in the day to day work, it becomes a part of the domain, so no extra effort is felt. The usage defines the gap between the domain and technology and more the usage the less are the chances of this debate surging ahead.

The clear cut watertight compartment between the domain and technology will never yield productive results and that is where we are stuck. The creation / development of technological solutions / software / algorithms remains to be a serious challenge even in this technologically advanced age. Generic softwares and technologies for mass usage come to the market, of which few are super successful but home made solutions for specific needs of different industries and sectors remain a challenge. The quality of this software and the time taken to develop is directly proportional to how much the domain is conversant with technology.

The next issue is the adoption. Technology adoption is a much bigger challenge compared to its creation. If we do a technology audit of the products / applications in vogue, there is a chance that more would be unused. Of the ones used what percentage of features / utilities the domain guy uses? Mostly, it is restricted to the very basics. When would we reach to the optimum utilisation of the technology deployed, which happens at a huge cost.

The debate has long been settled by the likes of Steve Jobs and it is the domain guys who can pick up technology and make it happen. As things move further the realisation should dawn on all practitioners in all professional fields today that a reasonable component of technology has to become a part of the domain. It is enmeshed, we might not be able to see it. Longer the time gap is not bridged, the more detrimental it if for the organisation. Huge benefits will accrue out of seamlessly practising this synthesised domain.


Sanjay Sahay

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