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As an individual, society, race or humanity, we have get entangled in a state called Perceptioned. Despite abundant data available for large number of issues or having the opportunities to cross check, one decides to follow his sentiments and emotions based on the multimedia multimode information disseminated with a purpose. It started with perception management and by now put most of us in this state of mind, Perceptioned, seems to be the logical conclusion. While the complexity of the modern world is increasing by the hour, the capability to understand and make best use of it is also dwindling by the hour.

Perceptioned is state of mind when you perceptions are under seize. You don’t want to find out anything. You declare finality. Wisdom too, may be. There are examples galore. Group dynamics give way to individual thinking. You love to be thought and treated as a group and conversely you want to treat others so, however individualistic, as a part of a group. He is presumed to have characteristics of that group. If some individual crosses all the barriers set out to control him, then you start following and slowly he becomes a demi-god.

Lots of activities have standard perceptions. The Perceptioned Mind without any evidence has decided that Hackathons are yielding excellent results by way of creating tonnes of prototypes and such coding solutions make waves in the industry. Deepest scrutiny might throw a few. That there is a deep successful connect between the coders, hackathons and prospective jobs in this field. The connect remains unvalidated. But they remain Perceptioned. This is coming in way of changing mindsets. This frequency and daily tuning has become the DNA.

A physically free hanging mind devoid of reading, assimilating, not in the execution / hands on mode, missing the hard work, pressed on time & energy still trying to deliver, earnestness to the core and urge to outshine, getting a feeling of finality is detrimental to our existence as an individual, society and a nation. Only perceptions build on brick and mortar thorough individual’s personal experiences sustain. Such persons can never be Perceptioned.


Sanjay Sahay

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