Daily Post 1226


Man has been living in communities since times immemorial, societal connects being the driving force of existence. Mind was virgin with hardly any complex processing of biases, groups, religion, civilizational curbs, political leanings and duplicity in livings It was as simple living with naturalism at its core and life revolving around it. As time passed centuries rolled, teeming millions got created, the bonding of past started getting broken, religion appeared and so did preachers. Class and castes appeared, so did governance systems; monarchies to the present day democracies and racist to political thought.

This can be termed as the vitiation of the human mind and in spite of Enlightenment, Renaissance, liberal thought trends and with even Sufism in vogue no great positive impact happened to the mass mind. With the democracies maturing and western liberal education becoming the mainstream of world, saner and matured voices started ruling in most parts of the world. While this was overwhelming trend, fissiparous tendencies started breaking the peace of mind. Religion taking grips of masses, terrorism and serious political inclinations started sowing the seeds of polarisation.

Globalisation became the order of the day and the world got seamlessly tied. It seemed that polarisation would never happen. Left thought got completely wiped out. With jobs and economy getting hit hard, immigrants and refugees both being termed as its causes and commerce gong in favour of a few nations, right wingers gained edge. Electorate had to be consolidated and so societies have to be broken. The known fault lines were used to make it into crevices.

Republicans thus started having a natural constituency and it was consolidated and made rock solid. Democrat votes remain dispersed. The legislative decisions happen on lines of political polarisation rather than vision, foresight and greater good for citizens; the core of democracy. Polarisation is raising its ugly head in large number of nations based on the same fear created. *Is this the post democracy age?


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