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What most would say is that there is nothing called political imponderables. That being the case, we will start with the general premise; firstly, things which are certainly happening outside of the standard political thought, secondly, does not follow the word and spirit of the constitution and thirdly, the nature of politics, which is in outright contravention of the basic tenets of governance. It would be hazardous to risk either a chronological or levels of politics analysis of the same. There are so many things happening day in and day out for decades together, that giving a few illustrative thoughts on the basis of the real incidents, would give you a fair idea of the political minefield we are in, with no chances of return.

One term of a legislature would produce one government for five years, could be a logical conscience based fair reading of the constitution, broken or fractured verdicts can be given some leeway. How can more than one government be accounted for? What would three or four governments be able to do in a span of five years? Governing the government is the biggest selling skill of any political party. Government on the boil, we can term it. A party with majority changing governments, constitutionally, is an act in futility. While the government’s size is fixed at 10% of the size of the legislature, the actual vacancies remain unannounced; the number of departments / ministries and also the ranks of the minister or ministry. The size and numbers game with weight in politics barometer decides who would adorn which department or ministry or a a bunch of it.

The Chief Minister being dropped out of thin air, has been an age old practice. The sanctity of the legislature party electing its own leader, would be a constitutional provision, which most of our practicing politicians have forgotten by now. In the same manner, a CM and government being asked to resign at whims and fancy has to find its way in our constitutional provisions. The scenario then becomes crazier; the whole legislature party has no role to play in electing a new leader. Whosoever is paradropped has to  be lapped.  In a  democracy which has elections as its bedrock, it is a pure imponderable that for leading the legislature party, there would hardly be any instance of free and fair election.

While the constitution demands things to be decided above and beyond caste, creed, religion, color, region etc, every single decision and every single presumption are made only on these lines. Constitution is always in a state of blissful ignorance. Making a mockery of the constitutional thought process, it has become a standard principle that only a person of your caste can represent you well. Which also means only they can deliver for you. It is contrary to all that is established by our legal mechanism.  If that were true,  more than half of castes would have landed in prosperity by now. Having done that it is presumed that you will voter for the concerned party. Of the whole world, which was to be delivered to us, we are left with elections and mandates. It is true that there is nothing imponderable in Indian politics.


Sanjay Sahay

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