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The country settles to whatever it feels like managing, and then that becomes the new equilibrium, till the time we are overwhelmed again. When that happens,  emergency type measures are enforced, to ward off the crisis and then we get back to the old habits. Old habits die hard is the ultimate realization of COVID-19. Those habits have an edge over everything is the final realization that COVID-19 has brought home for us. If the second wave did not bring our heart in our palms, then nothing else can. It was the cruelest brush with death in a century. It also meant indignity is death as well. Whether Third Wave happens is unknown, what is known for sure is that COVID-19 would not get wiped out in the near future.

The best, simplest and easiest option is get into a Touchless and Contactless Regime. The lamenting pre second wave was of  no avail. Taking flying as one of the sectors, lots  others facing a similar situation, would need our immediate attention. Being illustrative, it would be extremely difficult to pinpoint where appropriate COVID-19 behavior has been fully enforced. With nose uncovered or nose and mouth uncovered; you would find lots of passengers at different points in time of the travel. When the mask is worn with gay abandon, mostly for compliance purposes and not out of one’s sweet will, it thus  makes all the more sense that enforcement should be improved. You don’t need police or marshals for the purpose, it has to be done with an iron hand, whosoever is the regulatory and enforcement agency there.

From the COVID-19 appropriate behavior point of view, how do you see the cramped economy class travel, with masks worn  in a variety of designer ways. The checking of documents pertaining to COVID-19 testing and vaccination itself are barely checked with the precision and regularity it should warrant. Whether it gets verified by established testing databases, can be left for some other day. Can we allow an important tool of our existence being unstandardized? Can mask’s quality be left to the individual manufacturer? *Its standardization and costing control would go a long way,  as we move forward besides the way it is worn.* The touch game is happening given the nature of our travel ecosystem, workplaces, common food areas, market places and life.

Every geographical / civil construction area in functional operation should need to prepare a COVID-19 Operational Plan, detailing every single element of COVID-19 behavior and the methods of its enforcement. It should also declare penal provisions impacting their professional life. As far as possible every element should also have technology enablement giving alarms, if anything is violated even once. Space and movement management as per the COVID-19 behaviour,  should become the order of the day. How do we manage our public gatherings? Each gathering has its own nuances and has to be dealt with accordingly. COVID-19 behavior experts and consultants would help. We don’t have anybody to help, it is left to the organization’s discretion. A number of protocols needs to emerge to make the three main COVID-19 behaviors hard coded & enforceable This will decide the health of the nation in the pandemic times we live in.


Sanjay Sahay

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