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Perseverance is the final formula of human existence; a proven one, when everything fails, it prevails. Lack of perseverance has humbled geniuses and the mighty. Perseverance is sustenance and growth intertwined with sustenance or vice versa is the winning formula. As far as writing is concerned in the present case, the old process of thinking / making a structure in advance and then initiate writing doesn’t hold good. In the dynamic world of disruptive topics, the writing in more of an interaction, evolves during even one particular post and over the course of daily writings.

When knowledge fueled creativity is brought to an academic regimen, with strict timelines the result / product is sheer brilliance. The only issue is the capability to sustain and for how long. If it has to happen in public domain, the pressure is even more to deliver it at globally acceptable quality. Internet has made knowledge products global and so also the yardsticks. This nature of posts / products force you read, learn, assimilate and deliver near instantaneously.

The writing crystallises. The control and ease increases manifold. The progression of topics becomes clear, the connects, similarities, the interdisciplinary undercurrents become clearer as you move further in this journey. The right language pertaining to the topic / subject naturally emerges that provides immense edge to the quality of the post. It is the skilling process in knowledge creation, which cannot be happen in any other manner. If it does, it is not going to stay for long. What can be a better method of practising knowledge, skills and competencies and mastering it. Practice as they say, makes a professional perfect.

Product creation is a complex game and more a knowledge product. Effort, time and cost calculation cannot be done at the fall of hat like the IT vendors. Product getting into the public domain and sustaining is the challenge. Perseverance is thus the key, besides hard work, quality, focus and immense discipline. A dynamic product appearing everyday faces even bigger challenge, to maintain freshness and worth, day on day, month on month and year on year.


Sanjay Sahay

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