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Habits, idiosyncrasies and predilections have always had the better of a human being in nearly all their activities, all throughout human history. Beyond the scare of natural elements and threat to life and death, when we are in our comfort zone, this rules the roost in our professional and personal existence. This is very much the reason why human nature has been studied to such detail, much beyond the academics and psychology practicals but day to day in every aspect of human life, as on it lies the failure or success of most of what we desire to achieve in life. Rationality is the final goal of mankind and the day it is achieved, there would be nothing else left to achieve.

But for a few behavioural and psychological traits which are of eternal value, most of the predilections by proven track record are found to be a handicap in the final fulfilment of professional or the human elements. These were never celebrated. The social media changed it all. All these came out in the open and was left to meticulously crafted algorithms to make the best out of it. The detailed study of Facebook likes can give you a peep into the users personality, starting from the basics you can reach to a level when you know the person more than what he knows of himself.

These predilections now decide the nature of business. What would be sold to whom? You are being made a slave of your own predilections. You will be shown information, communication, advertisements and products which is based on your behaviour over the social media platforms. Exactitude and precision in advertising has left the conventional advertising way behind and it is facing an existential crisis. This echo chamber will make you believe that you are on the right track and it is only your taste being celebrated all around the place.

Think of the crisis a teenager would face when his wayward habits are fed with these sorts of material, can it ever lead to healthy growth. An inclination can be made into a rock solid habit. And what about the OCEAN model being tried, based on social media interactions of the user, by the best known data scientists in the world to manipulate elections. The psychology based content. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are fuelling this enterprise of making us completely enslaved to our predilections.


Sanjay Sahay

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