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While the world struggled to provide a semblance of privacy through cumbersome procedures, debates, opinions, making it inclusive democratic decision making, leading to enactments; the social media giants never reacted & responded. They having been behaving in the most surreptitious manner. They could have now opened up their can of worms, if they meant business. The ripping apart of privacy was an after thought when they started sitting on mounds of data does not seem to be true, it is premeditated business tech-psycho model, the efficacy of which they were sure, unleashed as a slow poison. If that is not the case, let all personal data be destroyed & we start afresh.

They are dictating terms on our data. Ok, we had agreed, though by treachery, today we withdraw the consent. Literally, it is a non-legal agreement, which we are providing legality by following it. A legal scrutiny might find it in contradiction to many national laws, purposes nefarious. We still hardly know anything. They are not in a habit of providing any information. They have become an extra-territorial entities, not covered by any law. Legal Enigma.

This has all happened by design creating all default settings to rip apart privacy & social equilibrium. Former Facebook President Sean Parker said that “initial goal was to get people hooked,” exploiting a vulnerability in human psychology. The inventors creators understood it & was done consciously. The short term dopamine driven feedback loops they have created is destroying how society works. No civil discourse, no cooperation. Misinformation, miss truth; field day for bad actors to manipulate large swaths of people to do anything they want. An antidote to democracy!

Zuckerberg, Eric Smith don’t like any invasion into their own privacy. A mobile without a sim card & other on the airplane mode, at the end of a 14 mile journey in Washington DC, once connected to the network, transferred to Google around 300 kilobytes of data regarding 100 locations, 130 activities and even 150 biometric readings. This is what unconnected means in the GoogleWorld we live in.


Sanjay Sahay

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