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From the launch of a cyber attack on any modern car just like any connected computer to understanding the vulnerabilities of critical infrastructure, who knows better than Israel. Completely landlocked & neighbors in the annihilation mode, becoming a Cyber Superpower is a befitting reply to lots of well known but unasked questions. That growth models have to be contextual & should suit the country’s & society’s requirement is borne Israel’s growth trajectory.

If you have the vision you can make a business out to nothing. Israel has very vehemently proved it. Though there are no cars made in this country, the world’s top auto security companies are Israeli. It’s a wave of Cyber Innovation sweeping across the country. Israel has become the world leader. Cybertech Conference attracts over 10, 000 visitors with Israeli companies leading the show. Addressing the 2017 Conference, Israeli PM said that few years ago he has set the goal for Israel to become one of top five Cybersecurity powers in the world, which has been met. Israel today receives one-fifth of the world’s private investment in Cyber Security. Today this country receives more venture capital funds per person than any other country in the world. It has now become known as the startup nation. Creativity & innovation is at the core of a startup entrepreneurship.

Creativity was developed to compensate for it’s lack of resources. It needed permanent surveillance & annihilation. Going to war was not an answer. Israeli Cybersecurity industry is the child of military ecosystem. It relies on knowledge gathered from different security agencies as a part of the compulsory military training. There are some 20,000 Cyber soldiers in the nation. Sheba, a desert city is becoming Israel’s Silicon valley. It’s the largest Infrastructure project so far, a $5 billion undertaking.

Israeli army can be termed as the largest HR organization in the world. It literally scans the population, puts them at right places, exposes them to state of art training at 18 & moves them to advanced levels. By the time they out of service at 23 / 24, they are screened & trained human resource for the IBMs / EMCs / Intels of the world & also the likely stars of the ongoing entrepreneurship revolution.


Sanjay Sahay

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