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System Thinking all of us have grown up with. Above the individual, your capability to understand the system and contribute matters. At its pinnacle, making system deliver as it’s leader is making systems thinking proactively tangible. In the day to day world, the system designated might not be the complete system. Interfaces, logical extensions and necessary curtailment is needed to create a real & operational system. This is the Dynamic System Thinking, the touchstone being much better individual & organizational delivery.

Above and beyond these positive doers are people extraordinaire, who with their mission, knowledge & skills, develop an uncanny knack of creating their own ecosystem. This ecosystem creates deliverables which normal, mundane, mechanical systems have never delivered. Because of the system’s inherent limitations they possibly can’t. From where does the idea of creating one’s ecosystem comes, is not very difficult to fathom out. When the deliverable one has decided to create, goes beyond the capability of the present system, what does one do?

Generally people would give up their dream. Some don’t. They can’t, their exceptional DNA does not allow for it. They are able to put together supposedly unconnected people, resources, create new systems & resources, funding mechanisms and start working with it. All throughout this tough period, people will not be able to find any meaning, dissuade till the time they get to see & feel the first success, which is very difficult & long drawn. Being a lone ranger is their fate, but through all the difficulties his aura & charisma brings people & resources together.

Creating your own ecosystem is not a corporate blueprint, where with all resources, very rarely they are able to create. This is an organic growth, over time & space, through the journey to dream deliverables & a magnetic persona. People who come together, stay together. Longevity is a natural value add. The results reflect the completion of the creation of the new ecosystem. It would be sustained on dynamic change, delivering all through.


Sanjay Sahay

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