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In the topsy turvy world of entrepreneurship, if some brand of entrepreneurship has the maximum chance of success, it is that of practitioner entrepreneurship. From a sweetmeat shop fellow to the founder of Nike to the recent media success of Republic tv, it seems to be a fair presumption that this genre has performed very well as against the windfall of failures, of others, in their forays into entrepreneurship. An objective research can validate this point, would help establish a direct connect between the two.

A seasoned practitioner has the comfort of the expertise, may be it be a service or a product creation. He has been in know of majority of other practitioners, knows from where to source further knowledge and skills. The famed networks which corporate sales / marketing guys are desperate for, in reality, he carries with him. He is fully conversant with the whole ecosystem, knows the operational nitty gritty and also the methods to fine tune it. While he has seen businesses happening, had made it happen for the company, feels the pulse of the market, he has to make it happen for his small, nascent enterprise, trying to find it’s first stepping stones.

It is an irony that that the start up / entrepreneurship world is abuzz with no experience / no expertise, experts, ready to sell big audacious dreams. You can dream for yourself but it fairly nonsensical to dream for others. Creating a shared dream is a serious business and fairly soon it comes out unstuck. While struggling with the domain and funding, the customers don’t come in the wildest dreams. Few vague market surveys or analysis of unauthenticated data is all you have for customer needs substantiation.

When the turn of the customer comes, he leaves you in wild, from where only the brave and the bold come back. This struggle generates huge amount of expertise in the short span of time, still difficult to match the organic growth in the first case. Nonetheless, this genre has also shown some amount of considerably successful. Entrepreneurial success and progress of a nation is quite intricately tied and so is the connect between entrepreneurial success and expert practitioners getting into entrepreneurial ventures.


Sanjay Sahay

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