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Humans have loved to evade truth when it has not been conducive to them, though it was not very easy to that and had to be done in a hush manner, it coming in the open would lead to unimaginable consequences, even on the verge of social ostracization. Last few years evading of truth has become a professional expertise, which is being practiced the world over with finesse, by corporates, leaders and by smaller mortals. In the complexity of modern day existence, it is presumed that this can be camouflaged beyond recognition and so can be successfully evaded.

Nobody in the wildest dreams could have thought global warming can be declared a figment of imagination, with overwhelming evidence of it being a reality and we facing the consequences of it. Today the US President and the governmental position is to the contrary. This comes after earlier created reality of weapons of mass destruction and a war on that pretext. It was again evading truth in a mercenary manner, to prove the strength and reach of the superpower. Leaders the world over have evaded truths for wide and varied reasons which also includes the popularity ratings and disaffection and finally get engulfed into it.

In a totally different world, Facebook wants us to evade truth for their commercial interest, while the data and the evidence to the contrary is getting accumulated at super speed. That they are in control of their data and mean to do business for the benefit of the users, is another camouflage to evade truth. Often times powers that be in any sector evade truth for decisions and actions that would benefit and there are also times, where they make the vast majority to evade truth, by carefully calibrated meticulously delivered information in multi-media format.

These are bigger games played the world over. Even in our day to day lives, in families and work places there is general tendency to evade truth. Having a culture of truth, we have not be able to built. Success and financial gains should happen at any cost and this is the cost we are ready to pay. We can evade truth for the moment but sooner than later it would rise again to finish you in a manner, you wound not have even imagined.


Sanjay Sahay

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