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If all the claimed impacts made by individuals, professionals, leaders and who all who matter were to be true, instead of rosy picture being painted, the reality would have been rosy. What we call as the “Claimed Impact,” cannot be the real impact. The impact cannot be gauged from the pronouncements of the one, who is trying to make an an impact and prove it to be so, rather that who has been impacted upon. Only the impacted upon can give a real picture and that too after some passage of time, when the positive changes are there to stay.

If you think of the organizations, individuals and professionals around you, you would find everybody is fully in this trade. Claiming to be the performer and the benefactor is gives morale booster for any human being. The issue arises when he does not know how to go about it and more so when he is not ready to make the necessary effort and put in the time required for the purpose. In the subjective world with nebulous type self created parameters, anything can be created and sold. Who is the arbiter of the impact, by the time the some real impact is known, lots of fake new impacts are under creation.

It is so difficult to find a person who has not made an impact from parents, teachers, schools till wherever and whatever we can think of. So many times same impact is churned out year, substandard to say the least, is packaged year after year, as success. Data is missing. How data is created is a challenge. If it’s there, there is no comparitive data. Trends are there but how objective are the parameters. At the end of the day, one has to project the ultimate impact, whatever might be the tool, in the multimedia world. There are lots of non-disclosure agreements for activities impacting lots of us.

Its not that objectivity, data and measurement cannot be made our staple diet, Cambridge Analytica did it for human psychology, but who is interested. If fairness and objectivity become the undercurrent of our existence, across organizations, systems and processes, neatly aligned to rightful and truthful exposure over the multi-media world, we would certainly be a writing a new social, economic and political functional order.


Sanjay Sahay

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