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Has somebody ever complimented you for having evolved or had the privilege of meeting someone who has evolved in a given span of time. If answer to both these questions are NO, then it is not in currency and then this compliment is way different from vow and awesome and cool at times. With immense churning happening all around, this positive, proactive change is not happening. Being evolved connotes to a comprehensive sense of dynamic maturity. It means a person who is way above the normal, you also ran level, to have arrived in life by his sobering presence and general acceptability.

Why so very few persons? Why most of the people are in the rut of static personalities? Why getting evolved is not a part of one’s growth? Why positional and financial advancement is the end of our thought process of well being in life? The incapability of the individual not to interface with the changes in various facets of one’s life and different facets of environment, is the the frame of mind which comes in way of getting evolved. Human personality by it’s very nature is bound to evolve, is forced to stunt by non-thinking individuals, the order of the day.

Awareness, mental presence in all what you do and becoming a thinking individual is the beginning of getting on the road of getting evolved. Being ready to evolve in tune with the times also means getting ready for a long haul. It has a long gestation period and the undercurrent of change has to become a part one’s DNA. Achieving a nebulous trait, knowledge and a practicing skill, will always be a challenge. The beauty is as you get onto this evolved state – a rarified one, people can make out a conspicuous change in you.

This is the only way to live a life of confidence, practice whatever you want to and be content. The individuality which people do not leave a space for, will finally be yours. That is the general acceptability of your persona and a faith in you, as an individual and your capability to lead. Real leaders are evolved human beings and are always on the road to future refinement. There can be no end to it. This has to be a human being’s fate.


Sanjay Sahay

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