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Many democratic welfare states will never fall in this trap was the presumption, but more often than not that is not the case. The common masses, the bulwark of democracies, have been feeling the predatory nature of democratic governments. That these governments are better than the dictatorship, is not the case, this is the least it can be, but that in no way absolves them of the fact of being a predatory one. The only job in the democratic process a citizen is supposed to perform is to vote and then he ceases to exist for the next five years. The predatory nature is not generic one, it will be used as and when required, more so when the state has an axe to grind. It will be on people on whom the state can ride roughshod, without any great effort or any resistance. It can happen on adversarial groups and individuals, which are not in the government’s favour.

Democracy and governments emanating out of it are supposed to be paternalistic, the mai-baap story, might be some illogical extension of feudalism. Nonetheless, it was meant to be positive and proactive. Where did it lose its way? When the objectivity of the government is lost, the predatory nature of the state starts. Have you found any government which has treated every citizen equally or at least for those who approach the government? When the government gets aligned to a party, the behaviour to all others automatically becomes different, slowly it gets into the predatory mode. Nowhere the party is mentioned with the government, this has been done with a clear thought process of practicing fairness. Over the years the governments started having their own agendas.

Governments slowly shifted towards favouritism, which is a clear indication of its drift towards its predatory nature. The attitude that as long as you are with the government or in it, you cannot be wrong and you will be able to get away with everything. Now all decisions get vitiated by the hard coded thought process, somebody will have to pay a price, and more often than not, it is the hapless citizens. Hapless means who cannot retort, and does fall even distantly fall in the power axis. Who decides the tax slab and on what basis? So anybody falling in the same income slab, needs to pay the same amount whatever might be the predicament, size of the family, geography, age and there can be any number of parameters, which can refine the process gainfully. No discussion is the first indication of the predator mode. Internal discussions with the same set of officials and political executives have no value.

Getting any bill mandated as a law on brute numbers, or strategy or floor management speaks of the predatory trend. When the liability is of the citizen for all his commissions and omissions, it opens floodgates for the citizen to be hauled. The government can remain incommunicado on action taken or proposed, and strike you when you are at the weakest, in need of requisite information, communication, or a government document. The discretionary use of lethal government power is another clear manifestation of the predatory nature of the government. Governments cannot and should not become predatory on the people whom they are mandated to take care of. When you feel you can be the next victim of a government on the prowl, you will get to know what predatory nature means. A sense of entitlement and govt. vs others attitude, is at the core of this ailment.

Sanjay Sahay

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