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Think of an activity, goal, project or work, getting prepared for the same becomes our mode, but seldom do we try to understand preparation as a process, the underlying factors and the modalities behind it and how to make it happen in an objective manner.  Herein emanates our failings, which comes out conspicuously to the fore as we start reaching the end result, sometimes even to abandon it or be satisfied with a much lower output,  than we had set out for.

 Preparation is not only an effort, it is an art and a science with lots of strategic thinking and planning all rolled into . But the oft quoted dictum is only  Prepare Well.  That in real terms actually does not mean anything. Over a period of one’s academic, personal and professional life we ought to develop a knack, to prepare for all the responsibilities we are assigned with and the method to prepare for each of these, the nature or mode of preparation can be radically different from each other.

 To connect the preparation to the tangible results is the biggest and sometimes an insurmountable challenge we are faced with . Preparation thus needs to have a timeline and continuous quality, validated at regular periodicity, to reach the final goal.  The quality of the preparation gets finally validated by the outcome.  Reaching the final outcome, as desired makes quality preparation a habit, which can make you successful in life.

The methodology of preparation is not taught in schools or colleges and  not in professional entities either, by experience one develops this expertise.  Lack of this expertise puts us in the lamenting mode over and over again.

This knack is also existential at the enterprise level. There are organisations who have mastered this art and transformed it into a regular SOP mode and a workflow mechanism.  Herein, lies the formula of success for both the individuals and the enterprise.


    Sanjay Sahay

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