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 With per unit cost unknown as a final figure & also the detailed breakdown of it; the likelihood of reaching an objective pricing, from the customer point of view, seems to be more than a mirage.  The whole idea of the modalities of pricing being completely opaque is highly reprehensible & treats customer as a commodity not seriously taken; while  throwing away peanuts on his face, by offers from the early birds to last of the birds.  Nobody wants to know these critical details is the level to which either the customer is indoctrinated or they have just given up to the might of businesses & their lack of business ethics.

 Pricing as a concept is unknown in this country & it’s generally accepted as a prerogative of the company . Even the sale & exchange modalities is the prerogative of the companies. Often we are told that it’s the policy of the company.  The company policies of hundreds of companies, the customer has to follow.  Why a uniform regulation should not govern them? Is it more important to safeguard businesses monetary whims & fancies or the right & comfort of customers, on which businesses finally run.  The customer is the king is a sweet jingle created as a musical ring tone for Indian consumers.  It doesn’t mean anything.

 What does pricing as a serious discipline mean?  What should be factored in which manner for different sectors, products, services & what not. How should research & licensing be factored in & also the liability.  Everybody is rating the customer; from banks to credit card companies, home loan guys & even the digital taxi operators like Uber.  As if the  customer is the culprit in business & these characters as the reigning deities.

The feedback can be only of the customer & nobody else. That has to be factored in everywhere. The sales mechanism itself is in question. Getting something installed sometimes becomes more difficult than becoming an engineer.  Every step is synchronised in the Shylockian manner.  It’s time to fend for ourselves.


Sanjay Sahay

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