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The privacy debate has been gaining clarity by the day & so is the statute book in different countries but the reality is, more audacious hacks and data / broking / misuse is becoming the order of the day. Of late we are turning indifferent to hacks. But the gullible users have also started believing that shortly every would be hunky dory in the digital world, courtesy GDPR, court pronouncements, creation of some enforcement mechanisms. These long overdue steps would take time to bear fruits.

What is required is smart, well meaning commitments from the IT Giants, who legally are called Data Controllers. The terms & conditions agreement is so legally verbose, being tantamount to signing one’s own death warrant. A simple user agreed upon Privacy Agreement should replace all forms of terms & conditions. It should be uniformly used across board, where data is the currency. It should have 5 to 7 points in simple English and factual. Every conditions should pertain to one activity or process. Privacy and as a corollary security has no close cousins like creativity, innovation & enhanced customer experience . This camouflaging has to stop.

Creation of data is the biggest culprit. It is nearly backend managed by tonnes of codes and utilities generating billions of business. One single Google click generates 7 sets of data. Data creation has to be neatly defined by the purpose & the data sets which can be created. Once in the hands of the marauder it can never be safe, a mecernary control at the creation will make a difference. Added, data point is easiest to control. A Data Creation Protocol is the need of the hour.

Types of data sharing, entities with which shared under each category, the exact purpose and the closure should be regularly disclosed in a govt. mandated Data Sharing Public Declaration. Govt. should devise it’s own methods of Security Grading of IT companies. Any business transaction / public declaration has to mention Security Grading of the company. User should be in know of the complete Data Ecosystem of the enterprise.


Sanjay Sahay

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