Daily Post 1253


Professional knowledge and practice was seamless till around a decade or two back. No visible discrepancies could be discerned. Even if it existed it did not have any major bearing on creation, operations and outcome of the professional work being conducted. Two recent developments have brought the the present day’s professional knowledge disconnect to the fore. First, was the need for multi-stakeholder & interdisciplinary integrated projects. The second is the reality of knowledge / know how explosion in the age of disruption.

If the knowledge base of the owners of different areas of work on the same project / activity: requirements, planning, documentation, implementation, testing / validation and deployment does not match at all, how does the required collaboration / synthesis happen. Different areas of work are mandated to be owned by MNCs, Govt depts / agencies, Indian companies, outsourced agents and different service providers. The professional jargon, the language, mode of functioning and documentation are radically different to diametrically opposite and so also attitude, purpose and orientation. How does the project tick then?

The common operational area of knowledge has to be decided, the process and working knowledge of each other’s method of functioning has to be documented for training. Expert resource persons from different stakeholders would ensure that all come on same knowledge and operational platform through training. Only this can be the beginning of a modern operational collaborative mode functioning of the complex technological age. Nobody can have the expertise of all the areas but nothing can actually be delivered being totally unaware / ignorant of each other’s functioning is also a harsh reality.

While moving further the pace of technological change in its nuances have to understood by all, to move jointly in future in the urge to adopt disruptive technologies and management models / processes. New knowledge can be better deciphered, understood and implemented jointly in everyone’s interest.


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