Daily Post 1252


Relevance or the lack of it should decide every single act of ours, enterprises, governments and also nation states. Relevancy is decided on basis of generally known and ordained parameters in the field having a synthesis contextual intelligence and the specific ecosystem. This should also entail at least a ten year forward linkage. The Relevancy Factor thus created should be the guiding North Star for all major decisions for the the government too. As an extrapolation of the same logic, anything which is relevant for any field or enterprise would not be left out of the decision making process.

If we were to do a serious survey with the backdrop of the Relevancy Factor, large number of our policies, projects and programs would be found to be throughly devoid of it. What is also important is that relevant issue doesn’t just gets touched, missing out on the essentials or its customisation or both. If taken up in totality also, there is a big chance that it’s not implemented in the the right manner. What finally thus gets created is the stunted or the bonsai version of what one had set out to create.

To judge everything of the touchstone of relevancy is not taught in the early years of our learning, parenting, socialisation or later in our professional lives. Everything is structured and laid down to be followed. The minds are brainwashed in a manner that the irrelevant thought and action starts looking seemingly relevant. The irony of situation is that our minds can now think only on these lines. Very rarely do we find an independent decision making.

In the environment in which we live, if you have not made decisions different from the standard norms and thought processes, then you have made no decisions at all. What the standard conventional mode of thinking has been able to deliver is there for everyone to see, experience and suffer. A radical change in the way we think, evaluate, analyse, decide, execute and follow through has to immediately happen.


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