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For long the professionals have taken time to deliver, from documents to projects depending on what they thought to be the reasonable time, on the rates they prescribed, on the level of clarity they decided and finally the outcome being beyond question. The customer or the user or the students or the researchers or citizens were to manage with whatever was been dished out to them. There was no choice. What was delivered was the epitome of professionalism, domain knowledge and expertise and we were bound to feel obliged for the grateful act of theirs, at phenomenal price.

Not any more. The great Agile Methodology is coming back to bite a large number of professionals. What amount of time should he take for putting together a concept paper on a medium sized video surveillance project? What topology is most desirable for network given a specific nature of work required out of it and a clear cut nature of the risks involved? Which router will actually be needed with technical specifications and pros and cons thereof? What is the Machine Learning tool required for a particular purpose or project, the time taken to train the bot and quantification of improvement in performance? As time passes by the delivery has to happen on the ground and not on paper.

The paper kings collating information from different sources, adding some charts,  diagrams and gloss will have to give way to a better and more confident bunch of professionals, ready take on a world which is exponential, dynamic and real time. Necessarily the professionals knowledge, skills and competencies have to move to this level. The Reliance Jamnagar Refinery first phase was made in less than three years when the best of the professionals globally were pitching it at 8-9 years. The old formula of comfort level and unquestioned existence in not going to last for long.

With most of the technical details even available in the public domain and so is the case for processes, systems, gestation period and pricing, the time taken by professional has to take a sharp cut, which has not happened thus far. Sincere effort in this regard only can make a difference. Creativity, innovation and massive cost cutting has to happen simultaneous with much improved performance, otherwise automation will make a major portion of professional useless.


Sanjay Sahay

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