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With more and more courses, certifications, workshops, training programs and conferences out to bring you at par with the requirements of the professional world in various fast changing areas of work, the gap between the all the learning / documents (certificates) combined is not adding up to the lowest denominator of the new age of emerging technologies, disruption and automation. And then there is the bigger challenge of soft skills, behavioural traits, attitude et al. The requisites of the professional human existence has drastically changed, much before most of us realising it.

Learning after getting into a job is generally supposed to be the responsibility of the employer to keep you fit for the requirements, which changes with a new responsibility or a bigger one. The training courses sufficed the generic time tested requirements and the professional life was always on a upswing. In the changing times this system of professional learning was found to have gaping holes. The professional and the company are both being unfixed. The only way out is Self Learning. The best of the customisation in structured learning is not going to help you out.

Leave aside having a training or certification program, there is hardly any who can tell you what is required. You have to find out the gaps, fillers, the extensions, the interfaces required in the job you do and get going. How would you like to bridge it, is your take. There can be different methods of self learning that would help you out. Discovering it also another art. Testing the new found knowledge and skills have to tried out. Learning without validation in no learning. Only learning individuals would survive.

Besides, the hard coded knowledge and skills becoming more dynamic, the further challenge is of creating in oneself a very high level of creativity, capability to innovate and superb analytical skills. These have become the core survival skills, are not easy to inculcate. The only way out to acquire these can be through a learning pedagogy which is tested and tried by you. The needs, acquisition and progression formula has to be worked out and made successful.


Sanjay Sahay

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