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The fate of product creation is all too well known in this country and quality of the services too. While the product creation, even if someone decides to get in today with utmost passion and all the critical elements supporting him, it will still take a while to come up something worthwhile. The quality of services in one a matter of mindset and secondly of the robustness of the ecosystem. Undeniably, it is improving though it has a long way to go. To bridge the product creation gap, we can catch with the world if we become the world’s best adopters of both the proven technologies and the emerging ones.

We have never proved our worth with new technologies. Lots of ancillary innovation, adaptions, change in processes, research and development, though not as intense as the creation of that technology, support systems, qualified Human Resource, multistakeholder collaboration and last but not the least, good enough funding and related logistics. There is no free lunch even in heart of the world of innovation – the Silicon Valley. All this can happen if we decide to create Multistakeholder Technology Adoption Hubs.

Multistakeholder Technology Adoption Hub in essence is an research and development facility, which will handle the technology adoption end to end; from the selection of the technology to the its final adoption, in the pre decided organisation, enterprise, sector or area. The replication of the successful model will happen at scale to make it the Industry Norm. The standards of adoption would also be laid out which has to be followed scrupulously for success. This hub will all have stakeholders necessary for the adoption of the technology.

The level of R&D / other related activities to run this hub would help create immense skills and the attitude / mindset of change / adoption and also the capability to make it happen. This would be in turn pave the way for the mindset, skills and capability to think on lines of product creation and finally have the guts to take that plunge. That would be the game changer. An urgent need for a giant leap.


Sanjay Sahay

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