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With the contradictions, paradoxes, ironies so prevalent in many aspects of our existence, one is forced to believe that we are professionally confused. Confusion is professionally thought out. It would be unbelievable to attribute all this either to ignorance or even fatalism at the other extreme. This confusion is conspicuous all over the individual & institutional ecosystem. Needs course correction.

While we eulogise our educational system, the general tenor these days is of an outcry on the stress & strain it generates. It goes on to the extent that it leads to a stunted childhood. The gains of facing this system through systematic hard work & perseverance is not inculcated in the child, either by family or school. One odd tragic incident is extrapolated to taint the whole system. The value of marks should be the real value of the student.

Quality education is what we profess from rooftops. The story of our professional colleges have a different story. The quality of these colleges are being meticulously manipulated so as to make it easy for the students to have an easy passage. This is the paradoxical passage of a human body through ”portals of knowledge,” ending at its very best with a very substandard job offer. The hefty fees is like a bribe offer to get a job. There is no secret that a good, well qualified and dedicated faculty would do wonders with sincere, hardworking and with even reasonably good students. This model is given up for jazz infrastructure which can put the hospitality industry to shame.

Talent is then fabricated for the industry. The placement cells have a fixed match for the lower end jobs of the industry. Camouflaging talent doesn’t work. Knowingly fully well his quality and what he delivers, the confusion created is that he is overworked and underpaid. The fallacy is so professionally handled so as to make it seem to be the only reality. And if people all around are ready to lap it, it does become reality.


Sanjay Sahay

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