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There was a time when a twenty minutes Doordarshan news was sufficient enough for the news requirements of the day. Today, if we scan across channels there are news programs all over but nowhere we have program called news. Even if there’s any, it remains unknown. In the present age of the electronic media, news is lost when 24/7 news channels has mushroomed like nobody business. Peter Diamandis in his book Abundance, writes about CNN as Crime News Network, the repetition of such news gives a feeling that the world is caught in the vortex of crime.

With hours of talk shows, the nitty gritty of the basic news remains unknown. The clarity in explaining the news is a cogent manner with sharp visuals is missing. Talking to the same experts, spokespersons & like seems to taken over then public imagination. A market for clamour has been successfully created. People are getting addicted to it and slowly it’s taken in a direction, where it’s only views all around. What an irony for the custodian of objectivity, transparency & investigation. Anchor is not a moderator. Anchor generally swiftly transforms himself into a messiah.

With well thought out stand, leave aside news, it’s not even a debate. The messiah enters the arena with a clarion call to clean all stables even before the talk show ends. Voice modulation one should learn from them. With fire & fury and expressions equally befitting, he makes an impact on the gullible. Chiding, sermonising & promising to make an impact, the anchor / moderator himself is the news.

To make it an emphatic news, repeating telecasting of the same vidoe does the job. News is of real value when it adds real value to the knowledge & understanding of the facts for the audience. It’s a process to create an informed society. When debates & acrimony happen on the authenticity of the TRP figures itself, what would be the fate of the news. Crime and political news take the center stage, technology, innovation etc remain uncovered.


Sanjay Sahay

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