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We keep talking about the importance of communication in the Information Age. Communication is big business, how much it has benefited the trainees, there is no analysis. The mirage of impact making communication all of tread hard to achieve. Best communication skills should be on display in the public domain, more so electronic media for maximum impact. Public personalities are out there trying to make a killing.

How of much of it really happening? Hardly any! A perfect example is US President Trump. The nature of communication though controversial delivered gave him bountiful results. Post Presidency, the appearances on the electronic media & Twitter messages are weaving another story, hitting a roadblock with every single utterance. Back home, the Indian electronic media makes business out of remarks / statement / criticisms which the originator is not fully aware. One discrepancy / disagreement can take care of the TRP for at least a day, a controversy can, for days.

The general refrain is; I didn’t speak, next is, it has been quoted out of context and put differently that it has been exaggerated. The problem most of these people face is because they lack of the capability of calibrated communication. This is the capability to communicate having full control over it, inclusive of gestures. The content, context, delivery & impact are well known. What is planned should happen on delivery! Over a period of time you develop a capability of calibrated communication, which also gives you a greater control of your life. We don’t bother about this skill, but if we find someone around, the difference is conspicuous.

Calibration does not happen easy. The content means the domain knowledge, the context is being aware of the ecosystem as it operates and the final killing encounter is created by the flair of the language in all subtleties. The final communication becomes a treat, the the person has the capability to defend it to the last syntax.


Sanjay Sahay

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