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Variously titled the Karnataka Sex Scandal has taken the state and country by storm. It seemed as if the elections were relegated into the background. The 2976 videos / files recorded on pen drives distributed in thousands over a directed geographical area purported to sex crimes by the same alleged perpetrators could send a chill down the spine of anyone. The crimes apart, it being recorded, then disseminated in criminally innovative ways, all speak of an audacity of a different level, unheard of in the public domain. Even with the public domain full of content on this sex scandal; electronic, print, or social, we are far away from understanding the magnitude of crime.

People need to know the real magnitude of this crime given the multifarious ways the system was broken and also the way it has impacted social life and social equilibrium. Alleged perpetrators being elected representatives also is an important reason for the people at large to know the uncontested facts of the case. Knowing the worst-case scenarios of political power, will open our eyes for all times to come. The level of politicization creates a smokescreen which casts a shadow and cover on the actions urgently warranted and also the information which should be known to the people at large. ]

One of leading political leaders said 400 women were impacted, some even talk of bigger numbers going by the number of such files on the pen drive. But for three cases registered and the victims thereof, the total number of victims still remains unknown. Knowing the number of victims is important, it is equally important to the professions they came from, different professions are already being talked about, fixing the number with their professions, will throw light on vulnerable sections of women. This is an important facet of the multitude of crimes committed.

The total number and types of offences also needs to be known. The time duration in which all these offences were committed will give us a fair idea of the reign of fear perpetrated for a long period of time, as is being presumed. The total geographical area from where the victims are located is necessary as it would let us know till how far the perpetrators could operate with impunity. Scene of offence is a very critical element of the criminal investigation and core elements of investigation are connected to it. How many scenes of offence are there in this sordid sex saga? The general timing of offence is also important and to understand the accentuating circumstances. Depending on the circumstances of the sex scandal there might be few more facts which need to come out in the public domain, in the interest of transparency and accountability.

Sanjay Sahay

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