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Nobody ever claims the lack of it. It has no clear definition or yardstick. Proficiently used with professionalism, proficiency happens to the the least known and widely abused word in the professional world. If all claims of it were to be added up, enterprises would hove become super performers long time back. The beauty of the whole exercise is that more time is spend in claiming proficiency rather than in really gaining it.

A desired level of proficiency has been established in every field, which the general educational and professional ecosystems throw up. In the fast changing world it not turning out to be at even the threshold for change. Reaching the proficiency by way of official documentation and actually being proficient in that skill to perform independently on the field are poles apart. Besides, some can only display only in the laboratory environment.

There are no outer limits of proficiency and what it can deliver. We have technical documentation guys who have gained and improved in it to the extent that the can create documents in emerging technologies which others with similar backgrounds cannot even dare to imagine. It can earn you crores. On the other side of the spectrum, though negative, if you are able to find a zero day vulnerability in the iOS, you can become richer by two billion dollars.

Proficiency is all about realising that it can improved upon endlessly. From somebody’s typing speed to engineers working on autonomous vehicles it is all about how proficient you can be. The real proficient guy knows how to keep increasing his skill without any outside intervention. They are the epitomes of self learning. If you see some of these outlandishly proficient guys it would be difficult to believe that they also start from scratch. These are the professionals who define the outer frontiers of knowledge and skills.


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