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If you excel, you know. If you don’t, you know as well. Marks and excellence connect through the process of public exams we can leave for the moment, the issue is soft skills / hard skills which translate into excellence. The whole exercise is to camouflage that lack of it by being verbose both in you CV, in your talk and at work. Vague references to goals collectively achieved or positional leadership successes are flouted as examples. Left to fend for themselves it comes out in the open.

Excellence in delivery cannot be taken as synonymous to academic accomplishment or sundry certifications, may it be even be the best in the world. At the core of it is strategic thinking and equally good planning, capability to execute flawlessly and pull through its success in future. It is not simple as it sounds, the learning curve takes you through mistakes and failures, the capacity to fail better and the capability to make failure as a design element helps. Finally, you develop your own individualistic style and capability to discern a mistake before the damage is done and make successful amends.

The capability to influence people who work with you, colleagues, decision makers and any body who matters in that ecosystem comes in handy. It takes a long time to develop but once you achieve it, you get a head start over others. Influence here means to make them understand the project / activity / work and make it happen. The cracks, the crevices and the centrifugal forces are taken care. The capability to influence is directly proportional to known and conspicuous examples of similar success earlier, capability to communicate the same while aligning it to the present needs.

That you are best person on that project / work at that particular time, in that context and that world class delivery will happen is the trust you have to first create and sustain till you achieve. Excel in leadership, specific skills / expertise, communication and seamless navigation of the ecosystem. When that happens you will get the nascent feel of the having gained the capability. Take it to its logical conclusion.


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