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In an age where social media is bursting at its seams, propaganda having become its mainstay, the world moving from news to 24/7 news to breaking news and now to fake news or post news, where facts and perceptions are getting enmeshed into one, propriety seems to have become a museum piece. Might be you will not find it a museum as well. It is the backbone of all existence, the bulwark of your thought, behaviour and action. Propriety means appropriateness to the purpose or circumstances in a 360 degrees manner, its suitability based on rightness and justness.

The world of western liberal democracy is a system that is aimed to inculcate rather ingrain propriety into all its citizens, if not all, at least to the large chunk, the backbone and more so who have to take it further, the social, economic and political leadership. Due diligence is beginning of all our professional / economic and even social interactions, if propriety is your DNA, you will never have to make an effort. It is in you and the procedures you need to follow you will pick as fish takes to water. It is the authentication of your thought process in an official way.

Propriety leading to due diligence mindset for oneself and for all you dealings takes us to the ultimate touchstone of our existence the world over. That is the rule of law. Practising rule of law and the innumerable failures will keep happening, if we take as an outside dictum to be executed. It has to be an organic growth, which can only happen through the least known route of propriety, due diligence. The rule of law is then a part of you. You yourself are a manifestation rule of law and every single act of yours, would manifest it, it need not be tested again and again.

Rule of law is the sine qua non of democratic institutions and on which rests a functioning healthy democracy. The checks and balances then work fine, it makes sense to the every stakeholders. Friction gives way to a synthesis very rarely seen the world over. The institutions become robust and live by themselves and prove their utility every single day.


Sanjay Sahay

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