PUBLIC PERSONALITIES – What can they deliver?

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PUBLIC PERSONALITIES – What can they deliver?

Success brings with itself public adulation and that is the creation of a public personality, with the magic wand so full of energy and charm. If you sustain the charisma and aura follows and if the journey continues you can end up being a legend, an icon, you grow beyond time and space. They come from every field. They hold public imagination in differential degrees, nonetheless extremely influential. The commercial world runs on their advertising charisma and others also use it for their own benefits in whichever sector they hold people’s imagination.

If a public personality wants to use his influence for a good cause related to his field, what can he deliver? Pullela Gopichand Badminton Academy can be an excellent example. Many more private infrastructure of this type could provide an impetus to successful models to be replicated. This could become a movement sooner than later. Had there been a concerted effort from at least a sizeable of such personalities in the sports arena, by incessantly speaking for the cause of good health, fitness and sports, Indian sports would have been radically different. Their support should be forthcoming for any kid who displays talent.

If the prominent IT personalities of India who are treated as icons, where to use their iconic status / influence for the cause of creating awareness for product creation, for research and development and innovation, for sure we would have been better positioned to take on the upcoming automation onslaught. Changing the public discourse to improve the quality of technical education never happened. They never felt they owed something to the society, to the very world which gave them name, fame and money.

Given this scenario in a few areas, we are at a loss to fathom out if the vast majority of pubic personalities have any idea as what they can do for the nation, the society, business, the thought process of the youth and the national discourse itself. They should not be the consumers of the narratives / trends they should feel destined that they are change makers and the change agents. They are most ideal facilitators in innumerable areas in innumerable ways. They need to focus.


Sanjay Sahay

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