Punchlines, Certifications & Deliverables – Do they connect?

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Punchlines, Certifications & Deliverables – Do they connect?  

 “High Performance. Delivered”, “Powered by Intellect, Driven by Values,” “Applying Thought,” and the like are flaunted punchlines to manifest the conscience / essence of the business entity.  If this not enough, certifications, CMM3/CMM5, displayed conspicuously will certainly win your heart. Advertising does the rest of the gloss.

 The connect between the punchlines, certifications and deliverables, I have not able to fathom out in my interaction with business entities, inclusive of consulting.  How do you  differentiate  the employee of one company from the other based on the punchlines and certifications, the  vision  of the company certainly adds a  different twist,  in the understanding of business enterprises.

 What is the special capacity building exercise to make the punchline a reality?  Do certifications also proclaim the quality standards of all employees, inclusive of their mindset?  Can certifications provide the wherewithal of what the company ought to deliver qualitatively on different projects.  The process of certifications has its own story; the companies getting busted have a different story to tell.  Post a company or system getting busted, the certification agency’s stature continues to remain the same.

 It is also interesting, that most  certifications, I presume have a shelf life, but generally does not have a system of intermittent audit.  There is no declaration of the time duration of the certifications they hold and  more often than not is kept in circulation much beyond the expiry date.  It is also used in anticipation of the subsequent certification, post the expiry date.

Is it possible to discern the difference in quality of the deliverables & Human Resources on the basis of  certifications / punchlines  of companies or  is it just a selling point.


    Sanjay Sahay

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