SIMPLICITY – By design or default!

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SIMPLICITY – By design or default! 

 Simplicity either by design or default or a combination of the two, ought to be be the basic behavioral trait of a professional, to gain clarity out of this complex world and gain confidence to decide and deliver.  It provides the filter to the cauldron and cacophony all around us.  It a skill transforming the ordinary to a persona extraordinaire.  It’s a branding which does not go unnoticed.

 Simplicity is most difficult to achieve but having achieved, it can move mountains.  This is what Steve Job said, felt, believed in & practiced.  This was the moving force of his life, his products and the company he founded and took to dizzying heights,  which was even difficult to imagine of.  Simplicity  is not the same as we understand in the  day to day parlance  but a  capability to simplify things , to bring it to the tangible level.

 Clarity emanates out  of the persistent use of simplicity and ought to percolate to the lowest levels of the organization to become an intrinsic component of the organizational culture, it’s well being and it’s operations.  Once it becomes the organizational culture, internal communication becomes both simple and uncluttered and is transformed into tangible results,  in no time.

 Communication based on simplicity is the most potent form of communication one can ever imagine of and can become the template of the organization.  Communication challenges leads to operational and human challenge challenges, which this personal and organizational trait can get rid off, in no time.

Make simplicity the core value of our existence and see how easily we get equipped to face the exponential challenges of the day.


    Sanjay Sahay

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