SELF IMPROVEMENT – On a Silver Platter Mindset

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SELF IMPROVEMENT – On a Silver Platter Mindset

 Mindsets change the mind.  The importance we give to effort in life pre-decides the nature of life. The general refrain of pressure, over work, not getting one’s due is making rounds in all sectors and at all times. The  productivity and positivity  of such a society and workforce is certainly  in question.

 These are all manifestations of “on a silver platter mindset”, when things are supposed to happen in the way one wants,  with the effort and impact he feels ideal. And finally a self certification.  Self certification  at its very best is an act of self deceit.

With the Himalayan effort put in during the academic career, landing up in a comfortable job instantly puts your grey cells into ” on silver platter mindset.”  Life moves onto the expectation level  when everybody else is to perform but for you and a make believe feeling that nearly the whole world is thirsty for your blood.

The student wants an  examination system which delivers marks,  professional college students want their  institutions to deliver jobs,   bureaucracy  likes its  default mode,  the  research fraternity  its  timely funding  and  non timely deliverables.  The Indian private sector broadly also finds its genesis from the same mindset, successful entrepreneurs being different.

Successful life has been and will remain to be an endless saga of sincere efforts in pursuit of fulfilment in life, other goals getting automatically achieved on the way.


    Sanjay Sahay

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