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If the world in divided into two neat parts of worthy people, in every way, then broadly half would be pursing their passion and other half would be chasing opportunities. The proletariat; the toiling as well the non-thinking, who are largest chunk, don’t count for anything. They have nothing to offer, but for what they are asked to do, for which they get a small renumeration in return. They feel they have won the world and keep writing their success stories morning till evening relentlessly. They are hit by recession or the economic meltdown the worst. The cog in the wheel cannot think, even if it does, its not going to make any difference. Foresight, wisdom and roadmap don’t find entry in his dictionary.

If we audit the work areas covered by these three groups, those pursuing their passion, those cracking opportunities and the workforce so to say, there would be large areas of work necessary for human existence, which remains unattended. This unattended component largely includes areas where the work is either not properly done or is completely missed out. This happens because the focus and drive which is in first two groups is completely missing. The coverage, quality assurance, feedback, gap analysis and roadmap are all missing, it has not been there since living memory and would continue to be the same at least in the foreseeable future. COVID-19 has made it so conspicuous for us to understand. Who will do the unattended work?

If it’s unattended we land up in situations like the present one. It is nobody’s baby. The public health infrastructure. That the public health infrastructure would decide whether we live or not, was something unimaginable for any of us. This infrastructure was necessary earlier as well, the movers and shakers of the successful world, did not find any meaning in it. That the people who are attended by this medical infrastructure are ones required by us all. If the health is suspect, our offices, factories, homes, nothing would work. Is it so difficult to understand? At the other end of same spectrum is Health Intelligence, political intelligence is the creme de la creme, but who will attend to this other necessity? The world today is forced to pay such a heavy price for this lapse.

With transport facilities completely unavailable, even the most moneyed have to be stuck up with the health facilities their location has to offer. John Hopkins is one model, the other models also deserve to survive at an acceptable quality assurance. Otherwise we have to see our lives crumble not only theirs. Who will invest his time, energy and passion in the mainstream Indian education? Will our aloofness deliver? The mindset and the competence created can only make us battle with our lives in every sector endlessly. Passion and opportunity have been chased for ages, there is nothing new, it finally gets translated into money, name and fame. The opportunities are there in all these unattended areas, will our passion and opportunity hunters take this unstructured path? This will decide our fate. What we sow is what we reap.


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