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For what percentage of people you interact with everyday do you take a precaution not to offend them? Conversely, how many of them you consider as touchy or how many of them have the ability to find a different meaning than the one intended and throw tantrums about it. They score very high on the “Getting Offended Index.” With professionalism literally missing all over the place, this is what we have professionalised in. We are a ” Fully Getting Offended Enabled,” nation. If you being in India have been never able to think on these lines, whichever sector you have been working in, you are really blessed.

This is the exact opposite of professionalism and more often than not he or she treats this as a bigger issue than getting the task accomplished. And that is the harsh reality in this country and innumerable tasks and activities don’t happen the way it should. More often than application of mind for not offending is much greater than the Detailed Project Report itself. And lo and behold with the precautions taken, the person gets offended as things don’t take off the way planned. You flaunt what you have the best in you and this is the best this person has to offer.

Between the offended and the the “Victim Offender,” huge of valuable work time is lost. The working atmosphere is vitiated. Then starts the huge cajoling exercise, which can lots of dimensions till the issue is resolved, till a new one crops much sooner than expected. This situation keeps erupting again & again as the person has a elevated view of his existence and there are standard professional patterns available. This is a mindset which we inculcate in our children, is quite fanciful and fun as an infant but in adulthood and more so in professional life, it should be better avoided.

There are lots of times people are more bothered about behavioral traits, moods and preferences of person rather than than his professional demands. The general understanding is if this is taken care, the professional requirements would anyway be met with. For lots of people not allowing the boss or the person getting offended is the beginning and end of the professional existence. Worse still, family & social life is a sordid saga of managing the getting offended enabled specimens. The higher you are on this index you are more likely to successful in the big Indian family drama.


Sanjay Sahay

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