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The pace at which technologies have been changing in last two decades and the likelihood to it changing at a breathtaking speed in the decades to come, has made it imperative that it be incorporated in the economy and growth of the country, to leap frog and be amongst the top nations. No innovation in today’s world happens without one or more emerging technologies being a part of it.

The well accepted fact is that innovation is at the core of disruptive growth, so essential for fast economic growth. India has been missing emerging technologies to make it into a tech powerhouse propelling the economy by trillions. At best we have been users. To tap the emerging technologies, there needs to be a strategy, otherwise in all likelihood we would miss out again, in the current wave of emerging technologies. The siloed approach to technology has not helped.

All stakeholders have to come together for the sake of the nation, an institution in the PPP model, which can usher in India the real technology mainstreaming, which the country has been aspiring all these years. National Emerging Technologies Application Center would be the institution & the game changer. It would study different emerging technologies and decide on it’s adoption in different sectors & areas. The core function of the organization would be the application; how adoption can happen, the modalities of it, and how this institution can facilitate this to happen.

This would bring best of technologists; public, private, freelancers together to create a Blueprint of emerging technologies adoption in the country. What would be a roadmap to become the world leader in that technology? How Israel leads the way in Cyber Security? How and in which manner can India become the leader in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence? What can be it’s methods of research & adoption? The efforts would have to be delineated technology wise, all interdependencies taken care of. It would be a long arduous journey, but it has to start now. It would be an interdisciplinary, multi – stakeholder, research, practice, execution and consultancy organization. The North Star of technology adoption & economic growth.


Sanjay Sahay

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