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Real learning is created in one’s mind. It is different from any ideated earlier, is workable & futuristic. and impacts in tangible terms, making difference to our lives. It can be Demis Hassabis, the founder of Deep Mind, who is scripting Artificial Intelligence for the world or Gautum Buddha who gave the thought & practice of Enlightenment. Real learning should also be in our professional academic institutions, in understanding that their is a world beyond textbooks, projects & internships. The “real” learning will come out of intense learning & understanding of iconic entrepreneurs.

Demis Hassabis, a child prodigy, world class chess player, an average Go player, computer game designer, neuro-scientist could fathom out that his & mankind’s future is Artificial Intelligence. Putting all the knowledge & skills one has, to get best results is the real learning. The connect happens in one’s mind. Demis founded DeepMind in 2010, a company which is doing pioneering research in AI. AlphaGo defeating world Go champion, happened out of multi domain knowledge converging in AI research. An AI milestone. That knowledge, learning & businesses can happen this way is not taught in our professional colleges.

Ideas which have seen fruition & the method of it, the business & social impact thereof, by the entrepreneurs themselves or biographers have been well documented. Lots of their post success lectures, interactions & gyan is readily available for free for whosoever feels the need? While lots want to be successful entrepreneurs, how many of them are even ready to read & understand the path taken.The findings of their life can be the value add to our knowledge. Charles Babbage was ahead of his time, couldn’t see fruition of his idea as a functional computer. Demis says ideas which are around 5 years ahead of time are more likely to fructify. An idea worth giving a thought. DeepMind has a 20 year roadmap chalked out. * Professional students at least should have their purpose clear before leaving college.*


Sanjay Sahay

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