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As per the Business Insider, the 14 most impressive AI scientists are working at Google DeepMind. Of the 500 employees, around 300 are Ph Ds, mainly from Oxford, Cambridge, Stanford & Harvard. It is a research led organisation, proving daily, what magic can be done by excellent HR & research. Gartner gained success out of research on the advisory & consultancy side. Making highest end research a business and delivering AI products across domains is the passion of the company. While world talks about talent & talent management, talent is conspicuous by its absence. Google DeepMind has a mind of its own.

As talent is in short supply for AI, the brightest come with a premium. DeepMind spent a £104.8 million on “staff costs and other related costs” in 2017, which would come £1,75,000 per head, if “other related costs”, are not involved. The scientists working on Driverless Cars get a whopping compensation, about to transform transport.

Talent is fascinating. A company defines the talent it needs & if it is courageous enough like DeepMind, it makes it happen, the talent then keeps on defining their company with world class research. Epitome of lab to the field, a one of it’s kind fusion. Their main aim is to ”solve intelligence,”& Intelligence would solve everything. They work on AI for Robotics, machine learning, reinforcement learning, algorithmic & computational aspects, reinforcement learning agents & similar path breaking research.

Every company needs to have a mind of its own. Business will happen, only business cannot happen, nonetheless. Research & business will synthesise. While the AI world is afflicted with lack of talent, DeepMind’s success engagement with talent is one of the kind. The company is brimming with bright minds on pathbreaking research & enlightened discussions, which can put best of academic institutions to shame. A futuristic business model worthy of emulation. An ecosystem of research is business’s future.


Sanjay Sahay

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