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From the regular education to training for the jobs required and certifications & training mandated to be gone through, do we get into the modalities of preparation needed to do a fulfilling job? The job is as made straight jacketed as it can be & the best thing is to do the regular rigmarole & claim excellence out of it. Rest of it is leave, perks, networking, keeping the boss happy, forward & backward linkages and the like. It is the biggest paradox of our times is that we feel that no regular real preparation is needed for the jobs we do; operations & performance comes naturally.

For the meetings & for the day to day official engagements; the barest minimum preparation is the SOP. If it’s a client, trying to evade in a practical manner should be the ideal. Don’t engage the client in the wrong way & you are not prepared enough the right way, so what do you do? Supposedly, good behaviour / customer relations takes over. In the world of academia, there should have been standards for preparation required to take a class, engage in a seminar, guide a research. It is left to the sweet will of the concerned. Some half-baked efforts to manage our daily professional issues in an ad hoc manner emanates out of the half baked preparation done for the same.

Regular crisis we face is bane of lack of real preparation. Real preparation as a concept needs to be understood. The requirements of the job, the hiccups involved, bit of futuristic perception, understanding the fast changing ecosystem has to met with reading, understanding used cases, business case studies, field visits on your own, clarifying with experts. At the end of the day self created network of resources helps. It has to be sustained & expanded. This is the real preparation, which does not fail, generates faith and conviction in you that you are & will be in control of the situation.

Understandably, the jobs need more of inputs to excel than it is made out to be. Sustained real preparation to sustain the job requirements is the answer.


Sanjay Sahay

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