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In the corporate world of multimedia advertising, promotions, awareness & campaigns for attracting investments, is there a system of genuine official validation? The self certification needs to taken at face value & you can literally take the world for a ride. The amplification of neatly positioned, meticulously planted ”facts & information” in a breaking news & social media world is doing wonders. Forced into this risk, how to face nobody knows. What IT giants are doing with data is already known, laws notwithstanding.

Somewhere on similar yet different trajectory is Theranos and its founder Elizabeth Holmes. Touted as the first self made woman billionaire, she was on the cusp of writing medical diagnostics history. All that was needed was one small drop blood, to take care of all the diagnostic support we required. ”According to the complaint against Theranos & Holmes, she and Balwani, former President, knew that its proprietary analyser could perform only 12 of the 200 tests it published on its patient testing menu.” The Wall Street Journal had given a fair inkling of it, when it came with the first expose on this company.

Lots of patents were liberally referred to. Is validating medical claims such a big challenge, that too of the basic diagnostic level. Promising to revolutionise blood testing, Theranos was formed in 2003, by 19 year old Holmes, who had dropped out from Stanford. Theranos was once valued at as much as $9 billion. Star endorsements of a different kind added to the credibility of the company. Former secretary of states; Henry Kissinger & George Schultz, former secretary of defense William Perry and senators Bill Frist & Sam Nunn – were all once board members.

Is mercenary self promotion the name of the game? Even Rupert Murdoch is supposed to have invested $100 million. Now she stands indicted on criminal charges, two counts of conspiracy to commit wire fraud & nine counts of wire. A fraud of $700 million. What should we have faith in & on what?


Sanjay Sahay

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