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The variants of democracy will never surprise us in a country like India, where everyone lives by his or her version of it. In this environment too, the efforts of Amazon Web Services, AWS, it outright commendable. Outlandish it may sound from business / innovation point of view but in the real world it might turn out to the game changer, given the still incomprehensible and nebulous nature of the Machine Learning world. AWS CEO made his intentions crystal clear at the annual AWS Conference.

In a world of intellectual property and patents crash commercialisation, Andy Jassy, CEO of AWS’s self proclaimed humungous task of democratising ML for all and protecting it from ”bad actors” may well be the best CSR ever in the history of the IT giants. Industry watcher’s myopic vision makes them feel that the CEO is overspending in building ML models and services. For Andy Jassy ”giving the technology so much of time, energy and money is meant to open the doors of companies & developers to the gigantic possibilities ahead, once they figure out what exactly is to to be done with ML.”

This is a new, fascinating way in which a commercial company is getting into a variant of a open source, it’s not only the Linux and the BlochChain technology way. Leaving small and medium enterprises aside, which it will certainly benefit, the real beneficiaries would the differently abled via enhanced computer vision, brain signal processing, speech recognition systems, voice based features and other related tools. How much the society cares for the needy speaks volumes about how civilised the society is. Art, architecture & literature might not be the true depiction of it.

In this jazz about machine learning hardly any company knows what to do with it. It is Alice in the Wonderland story. It is also true that is very difficult to find people who know how to build ML models which are right and ethical and also have the capability to train, tune and deploy those. Its a long way to make machine learning and artificial intelligence a reality.


Sanjay Sahay

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