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How many times you have felt that somebody is not making sense to you or you are not making sense to the other person or a group of persons. It may also extent to the whole society, nation or the world. Even with best efforts it is difficult to fathom out the reason; it happens with the same background, same social and economic strata and the same educational background. Not being on the same page page is formula the human race has picked up so conveniently though all of our life efforts are made to the contrary, at least on the face of it.

You should get into somebody’s shoes to understand what he actually feels and wants / customer is the king are some platitudes we keep repeating day in and day out. Do we actually mean it? Do we make any efforts to understand the other guy. If you are able to get into the desired wants of an individual, you will certainly make sense to him is what a self improvement expert had written long time back. The discovery of the desired wants of a known person is not a great task but we make no efforts to know that and then talk and act which makes sense to him.

Making sense to somebody has very little to do with the gift of the gab, the ability to communicate with elan, that might be partially true in public speaking. In life it has to be a part of the of the ecosystem of personal relationship. Any pronouncement that does not related to reality will not make sense. Knowing full well that your words would not cut ice, you start with a disclaimer. The beginning of a conversation with a disclaimer is clear indication of not making sense. The practitioners of not making sense game have lots of tools in the kit; giving examples in defence, giving lame duck explanations, sentimental overtures, oratory and voice modulation skills. What is missing is the right intent.

When the relationship; professional & otherwise, does not move further, projects go haywire and people not standing by you in times of crisis is clear indication that you had not been making sense. If you the one who cannot built rapport, nothing would change. Vested interests and hidden agenda is at the core but it is generally blamed on the communication skills. If you can’t make sense to individuals and world, it’s just a pity.


Sanjay Sahay

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