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Close on the heels of the success of Die Hard 4.0 or the bestseller Digital Fortress, some best selling author or a renowned director would have already set his sight to write / make the first digital thriller of the world; Facebook. It would put any thriller to shame – complex technology enmeshed with politics, phycological tweaking, elections, big money, proving the law to be real blind, fooling everybody every time, the twists, the dramatis persona, the fall from grace – the story can be auctioned for millions. The roller coaster ride does not end, spine chilling adventure guaranteeing commercial success.

This 2.2 billion Digital Nation having been on the wrong side of the law has managed to come out unscathed, 39% value of the stocks falling & reputation plummeting notwithstanding. Regulation and rule of law is quite alien to them. Oversight by leglislature is quite a serious affair the world over. Facebook thinks it otherwise. The CEO thought it too unimportant to attend a cohort of law makers, the rare “International law committee,” of law makers from nine countries. They had assembled in London, to get the Facebook’s response on handling of personal data. All that they could do is to leave is to leave a seat empty with Zuckerberg’s name tag. They were supposedly making a point but in reality it was a mockery of all systems the world had put in place, since the onset of democracy.

The techies don’t know law but what they know is sufficient enough to befool the world & more importantly global group of lawmakers. The hearing was a verbal duel between them & Richard Allan, the company’s vice president for policy solutions. He had volunteered to appear before this committe as Zuckerberg had appeared before a few committees earlier at Washington & at Brussels. Sporting gesture. What a prerogative Zuckerberg has; to decide which committee to attend & which not to, when his company is in the dock and doesn’t know from which all pores the data is leaking; Porous Facebook.

The wheels of the capitalist world moves only on money. Facebook has hired an ex senior functionary of the British Govt. to take care of the legal issues. May be it is liaison as well. The ills of corporate strategy in playing out full bloom in the wide wide world. The Digital Thriller is bound to have a sequel.


Sanjay Sahay

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