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Retrograde forward in a contradiction in terms, from the army columns moving forward to the forward of the WhatsApp, this word would have never imagined such a weird fall. WhatsApp happens to the communication hobby of the world and the time spend on reading or forwarding forwards takes the maximum time, to the best practitioners of the medium. Today, forward is in tough competition with the like of Facebook, both falling under the same social media ownership. These are different manifestations of immersive social media engagement.

How can forward be retrograde is the moot question? The forward is a mechanical process of pushing a post, mostly without reading and without claiming or authenticating the content. In writing circles before the onset of the social media such writing was blasphemy, something unheard of. Try and remember pre social media days, it has started looking so hazy in such as short period of time. Writing without ownership can be the most retrograde thing than can happen to both writing and thinking.

It is retrograde in every way. Similar forwards with whatever name, brought the mobs together in the London riots of 2011, through the infamous BlackBerry Messenger. This has only escalated with the coming of far more technologically sound mediums and the bandwidth increases. WhatsApp was the medium which led to mob lynching. Issue of forwards was debated then and a limit of 5 at one go was accepted and implemented, to bring down the mass circulation of inflammable material. A passive medium becomes the venom carrier.

The AI magic wand with still take decades to find a magic solution to deliberate human failings. Might be it will never happen. We have lost our writing between forwards and smileys. What a loss for mankind, which lived and survived on this medium till the beginning of the social media age. Created out venom, disgust, greed, propaganda and what not, forwards in whatever name have been a retrograde journey for mankind.


Sanjay Sahay

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