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If you take away the mandatory quest of knowledge from class to class and then some competitive exam or other recruitment mechanism to gain entry into a job and then the forced requirement of few certifications and training programs here and there, at a huge cost, the scenario of acquiring knowledge seems to be as bleak as ever. The Information Age has done no good. But for getting to know a few useless facts at breakneck speed or able to Google some information, even knowing that there is something called the quest for knowledge exists would help you cross the lowest bar.

The challenge is quite acute. Why do you need knowledge as things are going fine? The epitome of exchange of knowledge, Conferencing has for long been fixed. This is either to fulfil yet another mandatory academic or research requirement or a commercial venture for a windfall. The funds allotted in the case of the first one and delegate fee / sponsorship in the case of the latter serve the same purpose of parceling substandard knowledge at the price of a well researched paper. Knowledge in the knowledge world has lost out its race and sustains on fund infused life systems. It cannot be allowed to die.

There is no free knowledge for predators of knowledge. Everything has to have a price.  Nobody is ready to make an index of the freely available knowledge on the web, simple searches are still the only way out. Even this effort is not worth making. Have you heard of a library without a catalogue. Without a librarian and leaving the new titles to the jungle growth of publishers and even non-publishers. There are no reading lists and henceforth there is no reading.

Having invited for one of its kind lecture on all pervasive Disruption, which can burn anybody’s back sooner than later, the litany of excuses are rather fascinating; in laws arrival, dance classes, having a photo shoot, attending non-mandatory club activities and above all personal commitments which happens to be beyond questioning. Knowledge comes last in our priority of things, how can then products and growth happen.


Sanjay Sahay

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